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N-GHP (Gas/Hydraculic Actuator with Electric Pump)

This consists of a Gas Accumulator and Electric Pump.

When the actuator starts moving by the accumulated gas pressure, the electric pump will start simultaneously. After stroking fully open / close, the piston will then return to the closed position and power gas will return to the accumulator tank by the electric pump.

This system never uses the line gas resulting in safe operation through zero venting.

  1. Accumulator
  2. Gas / Hydraulic Converter
  3. Piston
  4. Limit Switch
  5. DC Solenoid Valves
  6. Needle Valve (Control oil discharge)
  7. Relief Valve (Excessive oil pressure)
  8. Discharged Oil Return Line Back to the Oil Tank
  9. Oil Tank
  10. DC Oil Pump
  11. Hand Oil Pump
  12. Needle Valve (Gas in / out let)
  13. Gas in / out let

  1. Actuator
  2. Limit switch (close)
  3. Limit switch (open)
  4. Solenoid valve (open)
  5. Solenoid valve (close)
  6. Relief valve
  7. Pressure gauge
  8. Stop valve
  9. Hand pump
  10. Electric pump
  11. Check valve
  12. Filter
  13. Limit Switch
  14. Gas-Hydraulic converter
  15. Gas accumulator
  16. Terminals enclosure