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Expanding Gate Valves for High-Temperature Service

These high performance valves are capable of handling fluids, gases, steam and heated water at temperatures up to 1,000゚F (538゚C). Their unique design and outstanding features put them in a class by themselves for many critical service applications.

Metal-to-metal mechanical sealing. No elastomers used. Design does not depend on line pressure for shut-off seal, and is not affected by pressure surges, vibration or heat.
Adjustable external packing gland. Proven best for extremely hot service.
Metal-to-metal bonnet sealing. The bolted design is used on all valves sizes provides very effective sealing for high temperature applications.
Protected seat faces. An attractive feature of the through conduit design. Seat faces are held away from the flow stream and are in full contact with the sliding gate in both the open and closed positions.
The flow stream passes smoothly through the valve body without turbulence. The pressure drop through the valve has a similar value as that of a flow through an equal length of pipe having the same diameter.
The rising stem design places stem threads well outside the critical heat area.
Block and bleed feature. In the close position the gate provides a mechanical seal in both directions simultaneously, so allowing the body cavity to be bled.
Serviceable in line.


Floating Seat Design

Operating Temperature Range -20゚F to 250゚F(-29゚C to 121゚C) with standard seat sealing materials. 550゚F(288゚C) with special seat sealing materials.

The simple and robust design of Through Conduit Slab Gate Valves provides a high degree of reliability and efficiency in operation. The two floating seats of hardened steel result in a complete seal with the gate. Each seat has two high temperature peripheral elastomer O-rings. As pressure mounts in the conduit, the floating action of gate and seat produces a tight seal in both the upstream and downstream directions. Stem back seat available.

The smooth continuous bore of the valve body minimizes turbulence, and the pressure drop through the valve is no greater than that of an equal length of same diameter pipe. Seat faces are away from the stream flow so are protected from contact with abrasive steam or heated water in both the open and closed positions.

Completely Serviceable in Line

The simple design of these valves allows them to be completely serviced without removing the body from the line. Replacement of seats can be readily carried out as the bonnet is connected immediately above the conduit body and the seat can easily be withdrawn.